When to Get Help for Teen Mental Health

The teenage years are a struggle for both parents and teens alike. Some rebellion and emotional issues are normal in adolescents, but how do you know when to step in and seek help for your teenager?

Peer pressure, schoolwork and changing hormones can become overwhelming. When a teen does not know how to deal with emotional issues and lacks self-esteem or social skills, their mental and emotional health can be negatively impacted. The list of teen mental health disorders is quite extensive and they all can be managed when they are detected early on.

Talk to your Teenager about Teen Mental Health Issues

Raising a teenager may be new to you; the process is new to them as well. Without a proper conversation, teens might not understand how to cope with their feelings or could not be aware of the negative impact of their negative mindsets. They may feel alone with their experiences which can only increase anxiety and depression.

Normal Teen Behaviour vs. Cause for Concern

As a parent, you may disregard warning signs as typical teenage behaviour so teen mental health disorders often go undiagnosed. Until a teen is in dire need of therapeutic interventions, most teenagers are left to cope on their own. A teenager without the proper support and therapeutic guidance might turn to substance use, eating disorders or high-risk behaviours to deal with their emotional struggles and to temporarily feel better.

It is important to be aware of Your Child’s Actions

Here are some red flags for teen mental health disorders to be aware of:
• Drop in school performance
• Anger, unhappy mood for a considerable amount of time
• Inability to rationally deal with issues that arise
• Withdrawal from social groups
• Physical ailments
• Negative comments about themselves

If you are concerned about your teen’s mental health, contact Laurian Ward in Pretoria East for an appointment.