When To Consult A Therapist

All of us experience times when we find ourselves in situations that can cause stress, sadness, grief, or conflict. Those times can precipitate you having to Consult A Therapist. It is hard to acknowledge that you really need to Consult A Therapist because we can pretend all is well and try to forget what is bothering us.

Here are some signs that could suggest you should Consult A Therapist:

• Every emotion that you go through feels intense – this can lead to panic attacks or may make you feel overwhelmed.
• You have suffered trauma and it constantly plays over in your thoughts
• Your physical health becomes a problem – recurring and unexplained headaches, stomach-aches or a compromised immune system
• Using substances to cope with your situation, such as alcohol, drugs, or even emotional eating
• Receiving negative feedback in your work environment
• Feeling disconnected from your hobbies or activities
• Your relationships become strained

The earlier you acknowledge that you have to Consult A Therapist, the easier it is for you to cope differently with your situation and process the challenge.