What is a Counselling Psychologist?

Laurian Ward is a counselling Psychologist In Garsfontein.

A counselling psychologist is a psychologist who is trained to provide therapy for mental health issues. They undertake highly specialized training in the assessment, diagnosis, formulation, and psychological treatment of mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders across their lifespan. Counselling Psychologists are one type of psychologist to have this advanced level of education and training in mental health.

What Does a Counselling Psychologist Do?

A counselling psychologist is able to assess the causes of psychological distress within the context of the history of the problems and contributing factors, such as genetic predisposition, social and family influences, and psychological coping styles. A counselling psychologist can help develop a management or treatment plan for stabilisation or recovery. Counselling psychologists do not prescribe medication, they use psychological therapies.

• Counselling Psychologists have specific skills that they employ in their work, including:
• Understanding the broad expanse of mental health issues and how they may occur at any stage.
• Assisting a client to adjust to changes across their lifespan in different contexts.
• Knowledge of mental illness assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
• Psychological tests in order to assess problems and be more effective in understanding and treating those suffering from psychological distress.
• Consulting with a variety of other health professionals and organisations about behaviour, emotions and mental distress.
• Being able to perform research and collect data to enhance the understanding of counselling psychology.

How Can A Counselling Psychologist Help?

Common reasons why someone might see a counselling psychologist include:

• Problems in adjusting to major life changes, stress and trauma
• Anxiety, worry or fear
• Depressed or low mood, or suicidal thinking
• Thoughts of hurting other people or hurting yourself on purpose
• Too much energy, being unable to sleep, wind down or relax
• Obsessional thinking
• Feeling on edge or jumpy
• Problems with alcohol or drug use
• Problem gambling, gaming or other addictive behaviours
• Problems around body image, eating or dieting
• Poor concentration and attention, hyperactivity
• Insomnia and other sleep problems
• Behavioural problems in adolescence

As Part Of Their Work, A Counselling Psychologist Can:

• Help you manage a long-term mental health condition
• Provide advice about lifestyle changes to help manage psychological distress
• Work with you individually, or with you and your partner or family

Laurian Ward has received extensive training over the years, and even if she is a Psychologist in Garsfontein, she assists her clients nationally through online platforms.