What can I expect when I consult with a psychologist for the first time?

There is a perception in some communities that when you Consult With A Psychologist is an indication of weakness. However, acknowledging that you cannot continue on the same path or that you could benefit from self-care for your emotional being, is the first step in making the appointment to Consult With A Psychologist. For many people, it requires tremendous courage to schedule that first consultation.

When you Consult With A Psychologist for the first time, could evoke much anxiety and fear. Typically, the therapist will invite you to share what is happening in your life and what brought you to therapy. There may be questions regarding your personal history such as: when did your problem start, what helps you cope with it in different ways, or how the problem impacts your personal and occupational life. There may also be questions regarding your childhood, your academic record, interpersonal relationships, or whether you use alcohol or substances. Just remember that you are the expert in your life and the therapist needs this detail to understand you and the ‘problem’ better.

Most people leave the first session feeling a mixture of relief, horror, more anxiety, or even a little more hopeful that they are not alone and there is a way forward. Very seldom, if ever, is one session sufficient to address your concerns so follow-up appointments are very important.

It may be difficult making yourself vulnerable to someone who could be considered a stranger. As this is a therapeutic relationship you should feel comfortable and safe with your therapist as you disclose who you are. While therapy can be very powerful, it can also be a little frightening as you discover and uncover new ways of being, thinking, or feeling.