Say ‘Yes’ For Therapy For Chronic Illness

One challenge some people face is being told they have a Chronic Illness. In such instances, it seems that the only option to feel better is to follow a medical regimen whether they want to or not. There seems to be no other cure to make the problem go away. During this time it could be of great benefit to consult a psychologist for emotional support.

Depending on Chronic Illness, therapy can assist in making lifestyle changes and adhering to the process of the proposed treatment. It could also facilitate a process whereby the attitude to illness and medication for Chronic Illness can be explored. Depending on the diagnosis, trauma counseling may even need to be incorporated as adjustments are made to the new reality. Having a Chronic Illness may lead to days of intense frustration with either yourself or possibly feeling that your own body has betrayed you. Therapy that addresses these struggles, could ease the emotional injury that was inflicted when hearing the diagnosis for the first time.

Contact Laurian Ward to assist you while adjusting to Chronic Illness and managing your illness with new strength each day.