How To Cope With Suicidal Thoughts

While it may seem that Suicidal thoughts and feelings will not go away, the suicidal urges are just that- they are urges. You can work through and overcome them with the correct support.  

Talk with someone every day, preferably face to face: You probably feel like withdrawing from those around you, but it’s best to talk to trusted friends and acquaintances and ask them to spend some time with you.

Make a safety plan: Develop a set of steps for yourself to follow during a Suicidal crisis. Contact your doctor or therapist, as well as friends and family members who can help you in an emergency.

Here are a few things you could avoid when you are feeling Suicidal:

Being alone: Solitude can make your thoughts worse. Visit a friend or family member or pick up the phone and call a crisis helpline.

Alcohol and substances:   Alcohol and substances can increase depression, hamper your problem-solving abilities, and could increase your risk of acting impulsively.

Doing things that can make you feel worse: Listening to sad music, looking at certain photographs, reading old letters, or even visiting a loved one’s grave can increase suicidal thoughts.

Recovering from Suicidal thoughts

Even if your thoughts have subsided, get help for yourself. Experiencing that sort of emotional pain may in itself be a traumatizing experience. Finding a support group or therapist can be very helpful in decreasing the chances that you will feel suicidal again in the future.

What should I do once I have seen a therapist?

1. Take care of yourself, eat right and get plenty of sleep. Exercise is also important as it releases endorphins, relieves stress, and promotes emotional well-being.
2. Build your support network. Surround yourself with positive influences and people who make you feel good about yourself.
3. Develop new activities and interests. Find new hobbies, volunteer activities or work that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. When you are doing things that make you feel more fulfilled, you will feel better about yourself. and feelings of despair are less likely to return.
4. Learn to deal with stress in a healthy way. This can include exercising, meditation, using methods to relax like breathing exercises, and challenging self-defeating thoughts.