How do I know I can benefit from seeing a Psychologist?

There are times when we feel overwhelmed by life and unable to cope. We may even feel that life is a continuous struggle and feel stuck or unable to move forward. There may even be questions that seem to have no answer. Sometimes you may experience pathologies, such as depression or anxiety, which may influence your feelings, relationships, or even your career. Other times you may want to grow as a person or gain fresh insight into situations.

If any of these thoughts above resonate with you, you may benefit from attending Therapy.

There is a perception that if you attend Therapy you have gone mad, “lost it”, or that “you need a shrink”. It is viewed in derogatory terms. Over the past few decades, Therapy has begun changing focus from mental health as being only a diagnosis, to what is termed positive psychology. Within this framework, the pathology is explored as well as the resources and strengths you have to overcome what you are facing. Therapy then explores what is working and what is not.