Eating Disorders – See A Psychologist Pretoria East

An eating disorder is one of the unspoken secrets that affect many people. Millions of people are afflicted with this disorder every year, and most of them tend to be adolescents and young women.

Why are teenage and young adult women so susceptible to developing an eating disorder? During this period of time, women are more likely to diet or try extreme dieting to try and stay thin. Certain sports and careers are prone to reinforcing the need to keep a fit figure, even if it means purging food or not eating at all.

There are two types of eating disorders:
• Anorexia
• Bulimia

Anorexia (also known as anorexia nervosa) is the name for simply starving yourself because you believe you are overweight. If you are at least 15% under your normal body weight and you are losing weight through not eating, you may be suffering from this disorder.

Bulimia (also known as bulimia nervosa) is characterized by excessive eating, and then vomiting to decrease the number of calories your body can consume after a meal. A person who suffers from this disorder can have it go undetected for many years. “Binging” and “Purging” behaviour is often done in secret and with a great deal of shame attached to the behaviour. It is also the more common eating disorder.

Eating disorders are a serious problem and need to be diagnosed and treated like any other medical disease. If they remain untreated, these behaviours can result in future life-threatening medical complications.

Treatment of eating disorders nearly always includes cognitive-behavioural or group psychotherapy. Medications will probably be appropriate and have been found to be effective in the treatment of these disorders when combined with psychotherapy.

If you believe you may be suffering from an eating disorder or know someone who is, get help from a Psychologist in Pretoria East. Once properly diagnosed by a mental health professional, such disorders are treatable.