Can trauma treatment be successful?

Trauma treatment is something that many people consider – some make the decision to go, while
others sometimes believe it suggests a weakness or an inability to manage the trauma memory on
their own. If you ever thought that it is impossible for your trauma memory to be treated, rest
assured that there are various methodologies that focus specifically on therapy for trauma. Even if it
is years after you have experienced your very first traumatic event, it is never too late to seek help.

Trauma treatment is like helping you recover from a physical injury or a deep cut; it takes emotional
processing and also time to heal. Time on its own does not bring the healing but the processing of
the memory in a healthy way can. Sometimes after a trauma, we can also develop unhealthy
behaviours and attitudes towards ourselves or the world in which we live. These may also need to be
challenged by a therapist and addressed. An essential component of trauma therapy is regaining a
sense of control of the emotional and physical world of the clients and here the therapist will also
facilitate the process of the client regaining trust in both themselves and in some relationships they
already have.

According to scientific studies, they have found that between 77% and 100% of patients who attend
trauma therapy regularly and use their prescribed treatment medication as they should, will
probably see a reduction in their trauma symptoms.

From the long to the short, yes, it is definitely possible for trauma therapy to be a success.