Learn to practice gratitude

To practice gratitude involves consciously focusing on the things we’re thankful for, big or small, and it holds the key to unlocking a multitude of benefits for our mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Gratitude has been extensively studied by psychologists and researchers, who have consistently found it to be strongly linked to increased happiness […]

How social media increases loneliness

In today’s digital world, the irony of feeling isolated in an interconnected world is more prevalentthan ever. The phrase “social media increases loneliness” has become a topic of concernamong mental health professionals, researchers, and users alike. Today we delve into themechanisms by which social media contributes to feelings of loneliness and isolation, sheddinglight on a […]

Doing Valentine’s Day Differently

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while traditional flowers and chocolates are sweet, whynot consider doing Valentine’s Day differently this year? Break away from the ordinary and create lastingmemories with unique and unconventional ideas that will make your celebration truly special. Adventure for Two Instead of the typical dinner date, embark on an […]

5 Psychology-Backed Strategies to stop living on autopilot

Living on autopilot can take a toll on your mental well-being, leaving you feeling disconnected andunfulfilled. Dive into the realm of psychology to understand and implement powerful strategies that willhelp you regain control of your life. Here are five evidence-based approaches to shift your mindset andstop living on autopilot. Integrate Mindful Awareness: Rewire Your Brain […]

The Power of Self-Reflection

Many times the concept of self-reflection takes a back seat. However, acknowledging and harnessingthe power of self-reflection can be a game-changer in our journey towards personal growth and success.Let’s delve deeper into the profound impact that regular self-reflection can have on various aspects ofour lives. Understanding the Essence of Self-Reflection Self-reflection involves taking a deliberate […]

How acceptance resolves many problems

In the often-unpredictable journey of life, challenges and difficulties are inevitable. While it’s naturalto seek solutions and resolutions, there’s a powerful yet often overlooked tool that can pave the wayto harmony and peace: acceptance. Embracing the concept that acceptance resolves problems can be transformative, fostering resilience and well-being. Acceptance, at its core, involves acknowledging and […]

Stress and the Immune System

Can stress activate or suppress your immune system? In our fast-paced lives, stress has become an inevitable companion. Whether it’s due to workpressures, personal challenges, or external factors, stress can significantly impact our overall well-being. One crucial aspect of our health that is closely linked to stress is the immune system. In this article, we […]

Improving Mental Health within the Workplace:

Strategies for a Positive Work Environment In today’s dynamic professional landscape, improving mental health within the workplace emerges as a pivotal focus for employers and employees alike. Elevating mental well-being not only enhances productivity but also plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive work environment. Let’s delve into effective strategies to achieve this crucial […]

Workplace safety and Mental Health

Despite many theories, conclusions and advice, your formal workplace might just be your protection against poor mental health. Approximately 60% of the world population today has employment andwithin this 60%, roughly half of the workforce is in the informal sector where there is no protectionof their health. Besides that, people who are frequently being excluded […]

The link between depression and a terminal diagnosis of cancer

While there are many interlinking factors that can contribute to depression, a diagnosis ofdepression also has many implications. However, let’s look at the link between depression and aterminal diagnosis. A terminal diagnosis is not something to take lightly and the news that fills yourears for the first time might lead to uncertainty and unknown feelings. […]