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adolescent counselling

Adolescent Counselling

Seeing a Therapist can be greatly beneficial for teens experiencing challenges. Teenage years can be a difficult phase for most adolescents and their families. The pressures on young people are ever increasing and being exposed to so many things through technology adds to these struggles.

Many teenagers find it difficult to talk to their parents, or their parents are simply not involved, or they are not able to talk to their friends. Adolescence is a unique development phase and in Therapy, it is important for a Psychologist to enter the teenager's world and to understand their environment and experiences from their perspective while creating a safe environment for them to talk in.

Common problems teenagers face include the following
• Stress
• Depression
• Suicidal Thoughts
• Self-Injurious Behaviours
• Anger
• Behavioural Problems
• Self-Confidence
• Adjusting to Parental Divorce
• Bullying
• Choosing A Career Path